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Published on : 12/4/20
  • Not just healthcare devices and supplements…

    Healthcare equipment maintenance service is available online too!

    Indian healthcare sector is projected to reach almost Rs. 20 lakh crore by the end of 2020. Increase in purchasing power, health awareness, onset of lifestyle diseases and insurance reach have majorly contributed to the growth of the industry. An important point in favour of the healthcare industry growth is also its quick adoption of digital transformation sweeping across the country. It’s possible for a patient to book appointment with a healthcare specialist online, and even order medicines, supplements and healthcare devices online from any top retail online portal. And now, biomedical equipment present in healthcare and diagnostic centres can be serviced through an online platform too!

    With over two decades of experience in the healthcare sector and expertise in the global arena, Sodexo has launched the HTM (Healthcare Technology Management) app, a first of its kind mobile application that provides maintenance of biomedical equipment and its lifecycle management. 

    What is the need of this Sodexo HTM app?

    According to World Bank and World Health Organisation (WHO), medical devices constitute 77% of the total healthcare market in India; its current market size is estimated to be $11bn, projected to reach $50bn by 2025, with CAGR of 15%. Investment in medical infrastructure is set to rise with the Government of India planning to make India the healthcare hub of the world. 

    And yet there is no dedicated Biomedical engineering team; the healthcare segment is heavily dependent on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and faces challenges like inconsistent services, high costs, delayed response and consequent detrimental impact of downtime on revenue and reputation. There is a dire need for a professional medical equipment maintenance service provider that can match the pace and quality to address the challenges faced by small and medium healthcare facilities.

    Sodexo HTM is custom designed by global experts; services can be used in real time with service log tracking to overcome all these obstacles. It provides quick turnaround and standardized maintenance procedures, response time within 24 hours at competitive rates.

    How to use the Sodexo HTM app?

    Log on to Register your organization and fill in all required details. Sodexo HTM provides services like asset tagging, user training, breakdown maintenance, preventive maintenance, calibration of equipment and installation/relocation/dismantling of equipment. Select the service required, add equipment details and schedule visit. Pay digitally through the app. The service order then gets assigned to the biomedical engineer with live tracking of order status. Finally, the engineer/technician will reach the site and service the request.

    The equipment will be serviced by a well-trained team of engineers, supported by a fully equipped lab with more than 3000 spares and accessories to ensure flawless repair and maintenance. Along with government-run hospitals, this app will be a boon for small hospitals and diagnostic centres. It will help these healthcare centres to adapt to changing medical technology, improve healthcare delivery and meet the strong competition of the large private sector healthcare providers. It will satisfy high consumer expectations. 

    The app has currently been launched in West Bengal region, but will soon expand to cover Northeast, Orissa and rest of India by end of next fiscal year. 

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