Evolving Nutrition Food Habits to Fight the Pathogens and Scale up Immunity

Evolving Nutrition Food Habits to Fight the Pathogens and Scale up Immunity

Published on : 9/18/20
  • COVID-19 pandemic has certainly made humankind aware of the necessity and importance of staying healthy. According to a report by the Health Ministry of India, more than 70% of COVID-19 deaths have been influenced by co-morbidities in the patients, like hypertension, diabetes, etc.

    This frightening statistic is now causing a major shift in food habits of consumers. People want to consume more immunity-enhancing foods to stay healthy and minimize potential hazards of contracting COVID-19 or any other life-threatening disease in the future.

    So, what are the new food habits?

    What are the new Nutritional and Tasty Food Habits?

    Rising importance of immunity-boosting foods - Research by FMCG Gurus shows that 73% of consumers across the globe want to eat and drink healthier. 58% think that immunity can be enhanced with increased intake of fruits, 45% want to reduce sugar intake and 37% feel protein intake should be increased. This suggests that people are keen to follow the age-old nutritional guide, more so because of the trust factor and also because they feel insecure about their finances, with pay-cuts and job losses. 

    Growth of comfort food – The pandemic has turned the world topsy-turvy for many people. Worries are mounting; health concerns for self and loved ones and financial insecurities due to an expected recession are leading people to bank on comfort food. 55% of consumers are looking to escape from daily pressures and are eating food that improves mood and mental wellbeing and is sustainable since they foresee that the pandemic is here to stay at least for another year. 

    Increased preference for organic food – Consumers understand that organic food is free from contaminants and rich in nutrients. Replacing junk food in preference of organic food makes people feel more confident of being healthy. 

    Decline in demand for exotic food – With the likelihood that the pandemic was born in the wet market of Wuhan, China, consumers are now wary of eating exotic food. More and more people are turning towards a plant-based diet that is nutritional, healthy, hygienic and safe. 

    Sodexo has the perfect bouquet to suit evolved food habits

    Having been in the global food space for more than five decades, Sodexo understands the pulse of the consumers and is in perfect tune with their nutritional needs. The company has been providing safe, hygienic, nutritional and tasty meals to thousands of consumers in corporates, educational institutes and healthcare organizations all along; the company keeps evolving its bouquet of food choices based on its regular consumer surveys and the need of the day.

    Sodexo offers high-fibre, heart-healthy, micronutrient-rich, vegan-friendly, gut-friendly, high-protein, zero-cholesterol multi-cuisine options in its FOODIVERSE module – a unique food hall present at workplaces. The company has formulated a unique Nutrition & Wellness Plan – SOWELLTHY – that integrates health education along with healthy options. Through this plan, consumers get vegetarian protein options, plant-based proteins and millets that meet sustainability goals, and more importantly, provide a much better quality of life. All the food material utilized is organic, seasonal and locally sourced.

    Some interesting highlights of the evolved food choices under Foodiverse include:

    1. Plant-based protein products used in food preparation to provide taste, texture, and protein of meat without the negative impacts on health, environment or animals. Working remotely had led to limitation in mobility which demands that people switch to food choices which have lower calorific value but are uncompromised in terms of nutritional benefits. 
    2. Ancient grains for modern living that include Jowar, Bajra, Makai and many other millets. These grains are a part of South Indian & North Indian Thalis, North Indian food concept, ‘Tadka’, South Indian food concept ‘Dakshinam’ as well as the oriental offer ‘Hot Wok’ under the Foodiverse offer. Millets are a boon for healthy living as they are nutrient-dense, low-calorie, help improve immunity, have high satiety value, maintain blood glucose and are beneficial for cardio-vascular health.
    3. Awareness, Availability & Pricing are also a key factor to be considered here. Earlier, a habit mostly noticed in the higher income groups, fitness enthusiasts and people with existing medical conditions, in the Covid era there has been increased sensitization on its health benefits. Plus, the availability is not a challenge anymore. More and more start-ups in the food industry are coming up with solutions as raw materials which is making it easier and cost economical for service providers like Sodexo to integrate it into their offers and menu.

    Thus, Sodexo has adapted its food offerings well to suit the huge transformation in the food space. With the culture of eating food distinctly veering towards nutrition and wellness, humanity looks all set to fight pathogens, scale up immunity and create a much more sustainable universe.

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