Putting employee well-being at the forefront with Sodexo’s Tiffin Box

Putting employee well-being at the forefront with Sodexo’s Tiffin Box

Published on : 11/21/20
  • Defining workplaces is difficult now; it could be an office, educational institute, healthcare centre, manufacturing unit, co-working space or any other traditional outfit – or it could also be a home.

    With work continuing amidst the pandemic, employees have been displaced from their original workplaces; they are now working from anywhere to ensure life goes on uninterrupted, seamless. At the same time, organisations are faced with the challenge of providing supporting infrastructure for employees to WFA. Food is one such important consideration.

    With employees being stationed at two different types of workstations – original workplace, remote workplace – organisations now have to consider delivering safe, contactless food boxes to each of these places; thus, leading to the Tiffin Box concept.

    What is the Tiffin Box concept?

    In the traditional workplace, there was usually an on-site kitchen that provided buffet meals to the employees. Additionally, there were takeaways for employees who were on-the-go. However, the pandemic has forced food packaging to be reinvented, keeping the mandatory safety and infection-free delivery protocols in mind. Enter the Tiffin Box concept by Sodexo. 

    Just like mothers pack tiffin boxes for their school-going children with great affection and care, Sodexo packs similar tiffin boxes for employees today, with love of food, nutrition and safety being the defining elements. Ranging from an extravagant spread that adorns a thali to dal-roti-sabji, multi-cuisine spreads, local flavours and every kind of combination that was earlier available in the workplace buffet – Sodexo prepares and packs all these gourmet delights in tiffin boxes and delivers to employees across the city; right now in metros and mini-metros of India.

    Food catering in corporate is done at on-site kitchens and also in partner kitchens, certified through stringent HSE processes, located across the city. Raw food material is sourced locally and processed with great care. Emphasis is given on fresh and seasonal produce. The kitchen staff is sensitized about hygiene routines, use of PPE kits and social distancing. Every item in the tiffin box is made to appeal to taste buds and also to boost immunity. Pre-determined optimal portions of food are then packed in bio-degradable tiffin boxes. Finally, these tiffin boxes are loaded in temperature-controlled and insulated units, and delivered to employees; contactless delivery is ensured. 

    Currently, Sodexo is catering to corporate office employees with pre-ordered meals across cities. However, with a considerable number of employees working remotely, the company is planning to expand its Tiffin Box service to diverse workplaces, which will be digitally enabled.

    Tiffin Box to enhance quality of life

    Sodexo has always been at the forefront to enhance quality of life of its consumers, clients and staff. Tiffin Box is another innovative concept to assure employees of safe and healthy food, while they give their best efforts to increase productivity and revenue of their organizations.

    For enquiries connect on Bdindia.IN.APAC@sodexo.com or call on 9664872050. 

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