Student Living: Enriching off-campus student experience

Student Living: Enriching off-campus student experience

Published on : 10/1/20
  • There has been a huge increase in the number of higher education institutes and student enrollment in the last 10 years; a whopping 34+ million students study in 49000+ higher education institutes across India. This year in particular, the COVID scenario has barred many students from going abroad to enroll in the foreign universities or delayed the process, leading to a bigger queue outside the Indian higher education institutes.

    However, most of these institutes are concentrated in the bigger cities, requiring students to move from other parts of the country to study here. Over 30% of the students, leave the comfort and security of their homes to pursue their dreams in the bigger cities. 

    In comparison, higher education institutes provide on-campus accommodation to only 20-30% of the students enrolled. This leaves a significantly large number of student population, to look for accommodation outside the campus. They are left with no choice but to fit into the PG and rental accommodation available in the close vicinity of their campuses; unfortunately, the quality of living is far from satisfactory. Students are stressed out managing problems related to comfort, hygiene, cleaning, laundry, food and security; they lose precious time and energy that they would otherwise have devoted to expanding their knowledge horizon.

    There can be two ways of addressing this issue: either the institutes provide completely residential campuses or there should be an equally viable option for students outside the campus. Since the former might not be easy to achieve, lately, many private players have entered the field to provide premium off-campus accommodation that is at par with the on-campus one, in some cases even better. They aim to provide 360 degree solution for the students that include study space, security, cleaning services, Wi-Fi, gym, 24x7 helpdesk, retail stores, launderette, social space, external play areas, vending machines, recycling facilities and other ensuite facilities. 

    Termed as ‘Student Living’, this concept is already well established across the globe; formalization of student housing in UK and USA began way back in the late 1980’s. Off-campus student housing is a real boon for students travelling from India and other countries to pursue higher studies. It helps students to concentrate on their first priority – studies – while it takes care of their other peripheral needs. With increasing number of universities and student enrollment in India over the last decade, Student Living is slowly making its entry in India. Some private players like NestAway, Stanza Living, Zolo, Colive and Your Space and Tribe Student Accommodation are already making their presence felt. 

    Student Housing Managed by Sodexo India

    Sodexo has already been managing off-campus Student Living Residences for over 25 years across the globe. Committed to improving Quality of Life, Sodexo is an established name in the UK, USA and Australia. It provides a safe and secure student housing environment; a home away from home. It offers everything that a student needs - high-speed WiFi, comfortable en suite bedrooms, space to study and space unwind with friends & experience holistic community experience. 

    Leveraging its expertise across the world, Sodexo now forays into Student Living in India with curated  comprehensive range of premium Integrated Facilities Management & Food Services, offering Student Dining, Retail Hi-street food, advanced cleaning and housekeeping solutions, technical engineering, security, building maintenance and service helpdesk. The first implementation of Student Living by Sodexo in India will be with Tribe Student Accommodation - India’s luxury student accommodation organization providing the highest standards of hostel living to students with 600-bed campus in Mumbai and Pune to begin with. 

    Sodexo Edge with Student Living by Sodexo entails the following:

    • Experience of managing 5500+ educational institutions across the globe
    • Bespoke Student Living solution adapted from Sodexo UK’s award winning Residency Living Program
    • Best in class hygiene & safety practices (ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 10500)
    • Global expertise on healthy & nutritious meals based on Sodexo’s Wellness Charter
    • Customized food services & integrated facility management solution to meet students’ needs
    • High focus on Diversity & Inclusion
    • Comprehensive background verification & POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Act trained employees on campus to ensure student safety
    • Mandatory medical fitness checks and periodic health monitoring of staff

    Sodexo Onsite Services in India has completed two decades of providing campus enhancement services. Sodexo is the only service provider in India with a globally segmented, fully dedicated, education vertical specializing in providing integrated campus services. Sodexo services are distinctively designed to help institutes attract students, retain faculty and staff, and create thriving campus life for everyone. Some of which include Student Dining & Hi-street food retail, advanced cleaning & housekeeping solutions, technical engineering & building maintenance & much more to over 56 schools & universities .Today Sodexo serves more than 155,000 healthy & nutritious meals every day to 91,000 students and 10,000 staff and faculty. Sodexo also manages 26+ million sq.ft of campus facilities including complete maintenance of 6000+ hostel rooms on campus.

    Student Living by Sodexo, provides holistic solutions for student health and wellbeing. To learn more about the offer, connect with

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