Rise SAFE with Bureau Veritas

Rise SAFE with Bureau Veritas - Reopen & Restart Your Business

Published on : 9/30/20
  • With workplaces slowly reopening, organizations are placing utmost importance on the safety and wellbeing of employees and staff. In this context, Sodexo has introduced Rise SAFE, to ensure that workplaces are perfectly enabled to provide the right hygienic environment to induce confidence in employees. In conversation with Murali Vyasarao, Director FM Platform Sodexo India, elaborates about Rise SAFE and why every organization should opt for it.

    Rise SAFE with Sodexo India

    What is Sodexo Rise SAFE?

    MV: Sodexo Rise SAFE is a label that provides quality assurance to all clients, consumers and staff associated with Sodexo, regarding hygiene measures, protocols and procedures mandated for on-site services. The label certifies that all necessary steps have been taken before reopening the workplace post-COVID. The USP of Rise SAFE is the audit certification by third-party Bureau Veritas, a globally renowned testing, inspection and certification firm. 

    What is the difference between Rise SAFE and sanitation provided by local vendors?

    MV: Rise SAFE is a part of ‘Rise with Sodexo’ program that encompasses a complete range of services – from disinfection to safety services, healthy and convenient meals to wellness services and space transformation; the program is a holistic approach to wellbeing readiness at the workplace (which can be an office environment or site) through its 3P guiding principles – Preparation, Precaution and Prevention. 

    Rise SAFE also integrates support of the Sodexo Medical Advisory Council that complements Sodexo’s expertise with science-led and medical-grade knowledge in the evolution of the best hygiene practices in the COVID period.

    Rise SAFE includes a Bureau Veritas review of Sodexo’s operational guidelines and all operational protocols, procedures and standards covering various services and remote and random site audit on a list of 50 control points, followed by a certification that hygiene rules are properly adhered to and complied with according to Sodexo Rise Process. On successful passing of the audit survey, a QR coded Rise SAFE label is issued with Sodexo and BV logo. The label can be displayed at strategic locations in the facility to enable staff to see, access information about site audit findings.

    Organisations opt for Rise SAFE with Sodexo India

    Why should organizations opt for Rise SAFE?

    MV: Rise SAFE reassures and builds trust in the minds of employees that the organization has indeed taken best possible measures to ensure safety and hygiene in the workplace. Since Rise SAFE label is obtained after an independent audit by a leading testing, inspection and certification firm, best placed to provide assurance to Sodexo protocols and measures, it provides “third party” assurance that processes have been followed.

    Can organizations directly associate with Bureau Veritas? What added advantage does Rise SAFE offer when done via Sodexo?

    MV: No, the audit to get the Rise SAFE label can only be done with Bureau Veritas following the process indicated by Sodexo’s local operations team. This is because our standard processes and protocols have been verified with Bureau Veritas. Besides, it forms part of the comprehensive reopening program as our clients’, consumers’ and staff’s health and safety has always been our top priority. It bolsters the program’s first two “prepare and protect” phases by adding further quality assurance and it is an additional service in the “Support” pillar. Overall, the objective is to enable organizations get a hassle-free audit survey done by a global expert; helping them concentrate on their core businesses without worries. 

    For how long is the Rise SAFE label valid?

    MV: Rise SAFE label is valid for a period of six months. Organizations can decide to extend the validity depending on the COVID 19 situation after six months through re-audit process. 

    For details connect with our team on Bdindia.IN.APAC@sodexo.com

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