From Canteens to Cafeterias: From Lunch Breaks to Productivity Peaks

Published on : 8/2/23
  • Food has the incredible power to unite, nourish, inspire, comfort and bring joy. Being an organisation that takes pride in providing excellent food services, we recognise and harness this power to make each day better for all those we serve. Food takes on a different meaning in every sector. One of the biggest sectors where our food is making a difference is manufacturing.

    The manufacturing environment is witnessing changes like never before. With rising automation on factory floors, there is a proportional increase in the demand for skilled workforce accompanied by the pressing need for attracting and retaining talent. Exposure to consumer experience in the world beyond the factory has raised expectations of employees to be treated as “consumers” at work. Also, with the rising number of women in factories, and a workforce consisting of millennials and GenZ, businesses are having to consider the expectations of a multi-generational, diverse, and skilled workforce. This changes the way we provide food services in manufacturing.

    The modern-day workforce has different expectations from their work environment, particularly regarding food and ambience. The new-age employees are not just increasingly health-conscious and prioritise nutrition and well-being but also look for trending and popular food options. They prefer to have a choice from a diverse range of food options and seek experiential rewards.

    In the manufacturing space, there are multiple challenges when it comes to striking the right balance between food services, employees' expectations and the prevailing constraints synonymous with the sector. Serving a large and often diverse workforce that hails from different cultural backgrounds with distinct culinary preferences can be a challenge. Time constraint is common to the schedule of a worker in the manufacturing environment. Cost-effectiveness is another area that is essential to achieve while maintaining high-quality food services in the manufacturing sector. Most importantly, the hygiene and safety standards are to be maintained at all costs for the well-being of the employees and the health of the organisation as a whole.

    Our clients across the industry today are looking for ways to increase productivity and attract and retain talent. Improving employee experience and ensuring their well-being is one of the most important factors to consider. As service partners, we felt it was time to add some bright colours, inviting aromas and delectable nutrition to the manufacturing environment in the one place where the working community comes together for a break - the canteen. It was time to change canteens into cafeterias.

    Kitchen Works CO is designed for just that, by integrating improved food services in the manufacturing sector and ambience to augment employee experience. From the time employees step into the cafeteria, they experience the KWC difference in the pleasing ambience, comfortable seating options, and exciting choices of food ranging from trending, popular combos to nutritionally balanced, healthy and regional delights. In fast-paced environments like manufacturing plants, time is of the essence. KWC ‘s themes are designed to deliver a seamless and time-bound service in an enhanced environment that supports social interaction at the site. Enabled by leveraging technological solutions and compliance under Eat Right guidelines by FSSAI, KWC brings about more flexibility, choice and ease for the employees. Having a modern and aesthetic space gives the employees a chance to rejuvenate and helps to instil a sense of pride and well-being among them. KWC is also tailored to accommodate sustainability goals while adhering to the highest standard of safety and hygiene.

    Food is a powerful way to show appreciation. A healthy and motivated workforce can not only achieve personal career milestones but can-do wonders for the growth of the organisation. Our KWC bouquet of delicacies, great ambience and technology support manufacturing plants to achieve these milestones while enhancing the experience at work for a happier and more productive workforce.

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