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Tech Trends to Make a Workplace Future-Ready

Published on : 2/3/22
  • The pandemic has had one positive outcome

    It has inspired the world to think differently, to understand that success and growth could still be achieved by providing more flexibility, to reimagine a hybrid workplace where technology simplified working and promoted productivity. While organisations are considering a phased return of the workforce to the workplace, employees in turn are reconsidering if they should continue remote working as it helps them maintain a better work-life balance. And to support this kind of a hybrid workplace, a lot of investments are happening in technology to ensure more safety, better productivity and an overall enhanced employee experience.

    Technology Trends In the future-ready workplace

    • Health and safety technology- The very first thing that employees are considering before rejoining the office is the safety and hygiene that can keep infections at bay. Temperature-check kiosks at the entrance of the building, apps that can help in managing the elevators, hot-desking for employees to pre-book their seats in the office and ensure social distancing, sensors in the washrooms and similar touch-free solutions are being integrated at the workplaces. Some offices are using thermal scanners to track HSE violations as well.
    • Smart offices- Sensors are again being used at the front desk for visitor management. Apps help the visitors to log in their entry and AI technology guides the visitors inside the premises. Smart sensors also help in energy management and preventive maintenance of equipment inside the workplace; these sensors help in avoiding costly repairs, enhance cost savings and promote sustainability of the environment. To assist in mail delivery, provide cleaning solutions and even perform hazardous tasks in a manufacturing outfit, robots are turning out to be the best solutions.
    • Employee collaboration- Perhaps technology plays the greatest role in getting members of a team together on one platform, more so in the hybrid workplace. Software that assists in online chats, video conferencing is vital in helping employees to collaborate. This software also helps HR to manage employees and provide enhanced employee experience.
    • Facility management technology- Cleaning of the workplaces, especially of the washrooms, is now digitized. Sensors again warn about odors or dirty washrooms and cleaning is done on a need basis. While frequency of cleaning is more during peak hours, it is greatly reduced during the relaxed hours of the day; thereby promoting optimization of resources. Query management is also done through this app - employees can request for services and post feedback later regarding their satisfaction. Data analytics further helps to streamline services more.
    • Smart cafeterias- Food preparation is done in smart kitchens where combi-ovens help in preparing tasty and nutritious food consistently. Employees can then use apps to browse menus, order food and make payment through the digital medium. Scanners are employed to scan the plate for already bar-coded food items and deduct the payment from pre-loaded cards. For ready-to-eat and retail food products, delivery is done via vending machines.

    Sodexo is at the forefront of providing tech-enabled services

    Decades of experience in providing facility management services, food services, benefits and rewards services and personal and home care services to hundreds of organisations across the globe is helping Sodexo to anticipate and provide the best tech-enabled services in every sphere of the workplaces. Sodexo utilizes technology to help in workplace design that promotes safety and social distancing. Sensors are integrated at vital points to ensure touchless interaction. Apps like Pazo are used in ensuring clean washrooms and premises while association with HungerBox helps in cafeteria management. The organization consistently keeps studying, researching and associating with tech start-ups to create a better everyday for everyone to build a better life for all.

    For more information on our workplace solution, click here or email us at Bdindia.IN.APAC@sodexo.com.

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