Food Trends for 2022

Top 5 Food Trends That will Shape 2022

Published on : 12/24/21
  • Top 5 Food Trends at Workplaces That will Shape 2022

    A sumptuous meal with umpteen choices for appetisers, starters, main course and dessert – this was what employees at the workplace looked forward to in pre-Covid times. Variety and taste were what mattered the most. But the expectations have changed radically in the last two years. The pandemic has made consumers extremely responsible eaters; they are conscious about what they are eating, how it will affect their health, and also, what impact it will have on the planet.

    Here are 5 food choices that are likely to dominate workplaces in 2022.

    • Healthy and nutritious food – Health and nutrition are top priorities for people today. According to a survey by Habbit, 70% of people emphasized that they would focus on improving their overall health and immunity by making dietary changes. Therefore, consumption of high-calorie food like rice, wheat and similar grains will decrease; replaced by low-calorie and nutrient-dense millets, which maintains blood glucose levels and is good for the heart. People will have a marked preference for proteins, fresh fruits and some superfoods like leafy greens, green tea, nuts and seeds.

    • Plant-based food – 4 in 10 people of India are vegetarians, as reported by a recent Pew Research Centre survey. However, the pandemic has prompted the rest of the population to rethink their food preferences. People are likely to prefer plant-based meat substitutes that offer better nutrition, enhance immunity levels and keep the body healthy; they also reduce the carbon footprint. Food waste can be controlled at various touchpoints of the supply chain, leading to a healthy and sustainable universe.

    • Homemade taste of food – People stopped visiting restaurants during the pandemic and spent time at home trying to cook restaurant-like delicacies, albeit with smart kitchen implements that produced healthier versions of the same food. Thus, they will continue to expect the same kind of taste and will depend on particular Indian food brands and menu options that promise the same experience. Biryani, samosa and gulab jamun continued to top the order charts of India’ leading food delivery company in 2021, which means traditional and native Indian food demand is here to stay.

    • Hygienic preparation and delivery – Emphasis will definitely be on hygienically prepared food. Consumers will expect farm fresh produce to be utilised in cooking. In fact, they will expect the entire food journey, from farm to plate, to be safe and hygienic. The packaging too will be expected to be bio-degradable and microwaveable, so that there is no danger of any kind of contamination.

    • Exemplary food experience – Technology has already made life easier for people, so that they can get their necessities online with the least fuss. People will continue to expect the same smooth, seamless experience at the workplace too. From browsing the menu, to ordering and payment – everything should be digitally possible, with no hiccups. Smart operations with robots and sensors will provide the right kind of end-to-end experience.

    The pandemic is forcing the entire ecosystem to evolve. People are rightfully making changes in all their habits, that also includes food, in order to fight the threat in their lives. Organisations too will keep evolving to keep their employees safe, while also providing them with a good employee experience in the new normal.

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