A page from our chefs' cookbook

Published on : 1/30/24
  • Not being a native of India did not deter this buttery, flaky crescent-shaped French delight from finding its way into the kitchens and hearts of food lovers in India

    Its tempting aromas wafting from the oven can entice even the most hardened health-conscious enthusiast. Layered with the churlishness of butter and soft cushions of flavours the croissant boasts of a unique versatility that makes it a top favourite be it as a breakfast treat, a complete meal, a decadent dessert or a savoury snack. This indulgent treat also happens to have a significant place in the memories of our chefs who share a page from the story of their lives.

    Chef Irfan Lateefi

    The Comforting Companion

    “Croissants bring back many wonderful memories of my days in New York where I worked as a Chef De Cuisine at Hilton for 10 years. I was away from my near and dear ones in a new country. The work was great. I enjoyed working with food and passionate people from diverse backgrounds. Language was a hurdle when it came to communicating and making friends, but it didn’t become a barrier in the kitchen due to our shared love for food. Despite my thriving career and the energetic hum drum of New York life, there were days when I missed my family and loved ones. Throughout my time in the city, the one constant thing that brought me immense comfort and joy was the croissant with my morning coffee. It was the perfect breakfast for 10 years and every day, I relished and revelled in its delicate blend of warmth and buttery layered flakiness. It has a definite taste and can be enjoyed as a breakfast or dinner as well but not if you are health-conscious😊”.

    Chef Nagesh Morajkar

    Courage in the Face of Adversity

    “This simple yet exquisite croissant is at the centre of a life-altering experience I went through a few years back when I was working as a sous chef on a cruise liner, the Viking Sky. During one of the journeys, we hit rough weather unexpectedly and faced technical snags. The storm turned out to be one of the worst ever. As the ship tossed and turned due to strong winds and rough seas with 49ft high waves, furniture got dislodged, pots and pans were flying around, and there was broken glass scattered at places. It was a terrifying 48 hours. Despite the turbulent storm, rescue operations were on. As chefs in the kitchen, we kept cooking as the passengers had to be fed. We were all terrified, but we did our bit, nonetheless. It was at this time that we were preparing croissants. These delicate crispy buttery treats remind me of one of the toughest days of my life and about courage in the face of adversity.”

    Chef Ruhy Sethi

    Love at First Sight

    “Who says love at first sight applies only to humans? For me, it was the croissant. I was truly and completely smitten by the allure of the exquisite croissant. When I began my culinary journey, at The Oberoi, I couldn't resist unravelling the mystery behind its creation. The intricate lamination process proved captivating, and the tantalizing aroma, emanating from the oven-fresh pastries, became a sensory symphony that etched an indelible love affair with these culinary delights. As I tried my hand at perfecting the art of creating a croissant, my favourite indulgence was the butter and cinnamon croissants. Many years hence, this culinary masterpiece recaps for me all my fond memories of the initial days of my career when I learned and mastered several skills in the kitchen, made friends and flourished at work. To this day, whenever I prepare croissants, flashes of delightful memories appear in my mind’s eye.”

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