Towards Net Zero

Published on : 5/17/24
  • In today's world, food waste has emerged as a critical issue with significant environmental repercussions. Every year, millions of tons of food are discarded, leading to excessive greenhouse gas emissions and depletion of natural resources.


    According to the recent food wastage index report by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), out of the total food wasted in 2022; the food service sector was responsible for a considerable 290 million tonnes!

    Effective management of food waste is not just an environmental necessity but a crucial step towards a more sustainable future. At Sodexo, our dedication to reducing carbon emissions and nurturing environmental health is at the heart of our mission. Our approach includes implementing a variety of initiatives that manage food waste effectively across the entire value chain. Through concerted efforts and innovative practices, we aim to lead the way in promoting sustainable eating and minimizing the adverse impacts of food waste on our planet.

    srcibest.jpgSourcing Season’s Best

    We recognize that food waste can occur at various stages of the food value chain, contributing to harmful gas emissions and substantial environmental degradation. To address this, we prioritize local sourcing and usage of fresh seasonal produce across our kitchens, thus minimizing the associated toxic emissions of logistics. By partnering with local farmers and markets, we ensure that most of our raw materials are sourced from nearby locations. At most of our large manufacturing sites, approximately 20% of the fresh vegetables and fruits are sourced from on-site kitchen gardens.


    culinven.jpgCulinary Interventions

    Our culinary team plays a significant role in minimizing waste during the entire food production process. By designing menus that promote the rightful use of ingredients and integrating innovative recipes, we lower the output of trim, peels, and leftovers from vegetables and fruits regularly. For instance, we use fruit peels to create exclusive condiments and encourage the rotation of fruit choices to reduce spoilage. Through mindful ingredient choices and menu design, we strive to promote healthy eating practices while making a positive impact on both our consumers and the environment.


    techasn.jpgTechnology as an aid

    Effective planning across all checkpoints of the food production chain is essential for minimizing waste and ensuring consumer satisfaction. At Sodexo, we leverage advanced technology, such as the proprietary DRIVE planning tool to analyze consumption patterns, predict the required food quantities and ingredients accurately, and standardize recipes across our kitchens. By identifying our top and best-liked dishes and adjusting production levels accordingly, we optimize resource utilization and minimize excess food production thus improving food costs, and moderating waste to reduce environmental impact.


    coneng.jpgConsumer Engagement

    We realize that consumer engagement is key to successful food waste management. By implementing Waste Watch – Sodexo’s effective food waste prevention solution, we empower our consumers to actively reduce plate wastage and manage portions, thus promoting sustainable eating habits. Since its introduction and integration across our top sites, we have made substantial strides in reducing our carbon footprint. From the start of September 2023 till now, we have successfully prevented 630, 323 kg of waste from occurring and avoided 4391 metric tonnes of CO2 from releasing into the atmosphere! By making food waste data visible and encouraging mindful consumption, we have achieved significant reductions in waste across our site kitchens, contributing significantly to our global sustainability goals of a 50% reduction in our food waste by 2025.


    wastemgmn.jpgWaste Management is key

    While we understand that awareness and engagement are important pillars, managing food waste effectively is also equally essential for mitigating environmental impact. We continuously collaborate with our progressive clients to implement eco-friendly initiatives such as organic waste composting and repurposing food waste as animal feed. These measures play a pivotal role in diverting waste from landfills while simultaneously generating valuable resources like organic manure. By embracing these practices, we not only contribute to a circular economy but also advocate sustainability across all frontiers of our business operations.

    Sodexo is dedicated to reducing the impact of food waste on the environment by implementing waste management solutions at various stages of the value chain and engaging both consumers and clients. Intending to significantly reduce greenhouse emissions by 2025, we remain committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and moving closer to our Net Zero goals. Join us in our mission of creating a more sustainable future for generations to come. Let us collectively move towards a greener, healthier planet through sustainable eating with Sodexo.

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