Sodexo Food Services at GMC

Sodexo India Writs a New Chapter in Healthcare Services

Published on : 6/18/19
  • A nutritious meal is the key to healthy living. It is an integral part of healing. It’s interesting then that the quality and taste of food offered in healthcare institutions is often found wanting. The compromised food-safety standards lead to even more diseases and long-drawn recovery times. More often than not, this situation is prevalent in government-funded establishments due to budgetary and human resource constraints.

    One such example is the Goa Medical College (GMC), where most consumers in the ecosystem were unable to get food that met hygiene and quality standards. When made aware of this issue, the Government of Goa showed alacrity in trying to resolve it. Well-aware of the importance of nutritious and appealing food in building healthy and productive communities, the honourable Health Minister of Goa, Shri Vishwajit Pratapsingh Rane, took the reins of GMC in his hands.

    Finding the Right Solution

    After due screening, GMC partnered Sodexo for Food Services. The company will now manage food preparation and delivery services for GMC Nursing Institute and GMC Mess, providing customised solutions to patients, attendants, staff, students, and guests. There are plans to add all other district and sub-district hospitals at a later stage.

    As a strategic partner, the main objective of Sodexo will be to provide tasty and nutritious meals that facilitate effective patient recovery and also support other consumers who are part of the GMC ecosystem. Sodexo has already proved its credibility in the sector, providing world-class wellness solutions to over 46 healthcare organizations in 19 cities across India. Its dedicated healthcare division offers food services, facilities management, housekeeping, laundry services, and clinical technology services, catering to the diverse needs of healthcare institutions. 

    How Sodexo is making a difference

    At GMC, Sodexo will revamp the food services in a record 75 days; the first phase been active with patient food services effective June 2019. A state-of-the art kitchen with modern cooking appliances operated by 200+ adequately trained and aware staff on food handling, health and hygiene are expected to be fully operational by the end of August.

    At the front-end, nutritionists are working in close conjunction with other departments to provide nutritious and tasty menu options. At the back-end, Sodexo has implemented hi-tech commercial kitchen equipment that complies with NABH & ISO 22000 standards. It includes combi-ovens and induction equipment that provide smokeless cooking, reduces human fatigue and maintains consistency and quality in food. Overall, the kitchens incorporate hygienic and safe methods of food preparation and will undergo regular quality checks to monitor food preparation and delivery process.

    Benefits to all stakeholders

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    This first-of-its-kind initiative in the healthcare sector of India aims to provide an enjoyable and nutritious meal experience to patients, physicians, nurses, attendants, and visitors.

    • Patients get a therapeutic diet that is prepared in consultation with the dietician. This diet helps in the recovery process and promotes the physical and emotional well-being of patients.
    • Doctors and nurses are usually busy and want to grab a bite in between their hectic work schedule. A dedicated lounge at the hospital will provide a relaxing atmosphere with quick meal options that are healthy as well as delicious.
    • Students will have a modern canteen facility that offers variety with convenience. They would be served nutritious meals to boost a healthy mind and healthy body ideology.
    • Guests and visitors would have a digitally enabled cafeteria that provides a variety of good quality food options; affordable and served amidst an ambient set-up.

    The payment structure would be completely streamlined with cashless POS, prepaid cafeteria cards and self-service kiosks.

    A small beginning but a giant leap

    Sodexo recognises the importance of good nutrition in patient care and wellness and is well-equipped for the task. Given its international exposure, well-trained staff, capabilities towards therapeutic and hygienic food preparation, right infrastructure, digital solutions, and great delivery experience, Sodexo is making a good beginning at GMC to transform healthcare services. This is only the start of a great journey – a long road lies ahead, moving towards a healthier tomorrow for India.

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