Mari Kiviniemi, the OECD Deputy Secretary-General and former Prime Minister of Finland, headlines the kickoff plenary session exploring the potential of quality of life as a key social and economic performance driver during the first international Quality of Life Conference, hosted by Sodexo on Tuesday, May 5, and Wednesday, May 6, in New York, N.Y.

Over two days, hundreds of leaders from a wide range of backgrounds, including the business community, academia, health care, NGOs and the political sphere will gather to collaborate and challenge current social and economic performance models.  Over 30 different nationalities are represented at the event, and the next generation of leaders who will drive change in the years to come will take part alongside today’s influential decision-makers.  At the heart of the debate, one shared preoccupation: to identify solutions to foster economic growth alongside social progress.

"Improving quality of life of women and men is the heart of Sodexo’s mission and business and it has become even more relevant with the profound demographic, economic, technological and environmental changes we face today. For most organizations, the next competitive advantage will come from their ability to generate higher added human value," said Michel Landel, Sodexo CEO.

"Promoting health and well-being; creating the conditions for collective efficiency; guaranteeing a safe and healthy physical environment; cultivating social ties; encouraging the recognition of individuals – these are all key to reinventing growth models. This is why we are hosting this Conference and bringing together stakeholders with so many different perspectives, looking towards a future growth model where economic progress goes hand in hand with human progress."


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